Shoe Solution

photoI may be an organization goddess, but I was a shoe goddess first.  Even my coffee mug says so.  I recently made the closet switch over from summer clothing to fall.  I love fall and I love boots!  When people travel they typically have a certain type of collectible they seek.  Mine…shoes of course!  Boots in particular.  Every time I traveled overseas for work, especially to Amsterdam, I came home with a pair of shoes, or two… okay or three.  When it came time to add them to our closet last week, I found that it was a cluttered mess.  I hate clutter!

We have a fairly decent sized walk-in closet.  However the shelving that came with the house doesn’t maximize the space.  While I would love one of those beautiful Closet Factory closets, the time nor the money isn’t right for that now.  In the interim, a control freak, quick and affordable fix.

CLEAN OUT THE EXCESS:  Removing clothing, shoes, and accessories that you no longer wear will add more space.  Chad and I created three piles to sort our unwanted items:

  1. Donate to Purple Heart: Our gently used clothing goes to Purple Heart.  Purple Heart benefits military veterans.  You can schedule for donations to be picked up curbside at your home (how convenient!), plus it’s tax-deductible, and they accept gently used home goods.
  2. Donate to Planet Aid: Items that have holes or are heavily worn go to Planet Aid.  Planet Aid will recycle fabric and materials not deemed suitable for distribution.  The convenient drop off bins are located in 22 states and donations are tax-deductible.
  3. Consign at Greene Street: For items that are still in excellent condition, I take them to Greene Street Consignment where they sell recent name brands.  I have done this in the past and made decent cash.  This round I took a bag of 49 items and they accepted 27.  60 days from now we will see what the pay off is.

ORGANIZE AND FOLD NEATLY:  To make even more free space we refolded any items that may have been scattered,  btw nicely folded clothing goes a long way for making a closet look nice.

THE SHOE SOLUTION: Now that we managed to clear some space I researched options for shoe organization.  Our current angled shoe rack was a mess.  Shoes slid off of it or fell between the bars.  I came to find that hubs wouldn’t even use the rack because of this.  Cue the Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Wood Composite Shoe Rack.  Phew what a mouth full!

With all the positive reviews I ordered 3 of them on Amazon.  And they are great!  These inexpensive shoe racks are very versatile, sturdy, and really easy to set up.  One shoe rack comes with the rack frame (which unfolds as one piece), 3 shelves, feet to twist on to the bottom of the frame, and accessories if you choose to purchase and stack multiple racks.


The shelves snap easily onto the frame.


I started out by setting up two out of the three racks and realized that the company was so smart with the way they made the shelving.  The area that clasps on to the frame is varied enough that you can clip multiple shelves to one level of the frame.  Therefore I was able to create extra shelving without having an additional rack/frame.  Take a look below.



That left me with one whole empty shoe rack, which I utilized to stack Chad’s t-shirt collection.  We even have space to grow, more boots please!  Before and After photos below.  Ahhhh so much better!

photo 1 P1140397 P1140394

Did I mention I have a lot of shoes?  We already utilize the back of the closet door.


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