Ways to Save this Fall

Save some money this fall with a few sweater weather tips:

  1. Social Savings
    Save socially by not going out. Stay in and have a game night or take turns hosting dinner at home with friends. Most of the time we go out to dinner to socialize and chat, not because we really want to eat out. Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need food to socialize, plus if you stay in you won’t get the hairy eye from your server for taking up their table two hours too long just to chat.  Still need to get out?  Try a coffee shop instead.  You won’t splurge on food and you are encouraged to over stay your welcome. Why not a bar?  You are more likely to splurge on drinks and appetizers there.  Coffee and warm drinks aren’t something you chug, beer on the other hand…
  2. It’s Getting Hot in Here
    Turn your thermostat to 68 degrees when you are home and awake.  If this is too cold for you then you probably need to put on more clothing. Think about how you would dress outside for the fall weather, just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you should dress like summer.  At night when you are going to bed you can turn the temp a bit cooler as you’ll be bundled up.  When you aren’t home or if you are vacationing you can safely set your heat to about 58 degrees without risking your pipes freezing.  (please note if you have small children or pets you may need to make a few exceptions to these suggestions, basically, be smart)
  3. Ladies Go Au Naturale
    On your toes that is! Save some dollars this fall by skipping your pedicure. Your toes need a break from that pretty polish, they’ll thank you for the breath of fresh air. You may feel totally exposed, but your toes are rarely seen in the colder months. Just do a basic self-pedi at home from time to time to keep up. Can’t give up that hour of pampering?  Still go for the pedi but skip the polish. You’ll still save as you won’t have to go as frequently to get polish touch-ups. Once peep toe season returns you can break out the polish again.
  4. Seal the Leaks
    Before you turn on the heat this fall, check your windows, doors, etc.  Seal up any air leaks so you aren’t losing heat and money.
  5. Preserving, Canning, Pickling, Freezing
    I’m a little late to recommending this, but there’s still time depending on where you live.  A great way to save money and stretch out your fresh produce through the fall and winter months is to preserve it through canning, pickling, freezing etc.  We participated in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and often found we had an overabundance of certain produce items.  Our solution was to freeze and use it at a later date.  I’m not an expert in this area, but you can easily Google multiple methods.
  6. Christmas Lists
    No this is not just for you.  If you celebrate the holiday gift giving season, don’t wait until the last-minute to shop.  Create a list of everyone you need to shop for, determine your budget, and start documenting ideas.  If you start shopping now you have more time to hunt bargains. Extra tip for 2015, starting in January, increase your spending budget by putting money aside each month of the year, even if it’s just a few dollars.  It will help your Christmas cash flow in Q4 vs. getting slammed and having to turn to your credit card.
  7. DIY Halloween CostumeP1140010Halloween costumes are expensive!  Just like a wedding dress, you’re only wearing it once for a few hours, why would you want to break the bank!  That’s my thinking anyway.  Look around your house for items you can re-purpose or just get on Pinterest for inspiration.  By using items you already have you can pull together a great costume for little cash.  For Anya’s first Halloween she will be a Peacock.  This past summer she was a flower girl in my sister-in-laws wedding.  Her flower girl dress was a very cute tutu.  This outfit is the base for the Peacock costume.  A few feathers and a hot glue gun later, I have completed her first Halloween costume for under $30 (purchases: feathers, shirt, hot glue)
  8. Plan Ahead
    As with anything, plan ahead for the season.  Don’t wait until the last-minute to have items fixed or to stock up on anything you may need. Last winter was rough in our neck of the woods, thanks to multiple ice storms.  This year we will surely plan ahead to purchase batteries, flashlights, salt, generators, etc. vs. trying to get it in the throes of a storm when they are far and few between and usually marked up in price due to high demand!

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