Frantic People Live in the Grocery Store

There’s nothing like a trip to Wegmans to drive me to the edge.  Could it be because the parking lot is the second most dangerous place to drive, #1 being the Wawa parking lot of course. Or possibly because I feel like a cartoon character with dollar signs as pupils, flashing as I watch the bill rack up in the check out line? I’m not Uncle Scrooge from DuckTales swimming in coin, so eating healthy can sometimes feel like a real burden!  While both are reason enough to set anyone into a panic attack, I find that the real reason is because people become frantic in the grocery store.

Like most people, I dislike going to the grocery store because it takes up a lot of free time that I don’t have to offer.  Lately I’ve been taking Anya with me, since it never gets old for her, and she tends to make grocery shopping a lot more pleasant.  I’ve always recognized the frantic atmosphere of the grocery store, but with Anya I notice it more.  Everyone is in a hurry, pushing past people, playing bumper carts, almost like they have blinders on, oblivious that anyone else is there.  Many shoppers wearing frowns, and I didn’t realize that so much until I’d catch Anya waving to someone and they finally smiled.

So what’s the point.  The point is this blog has nothing to do with grocery stores.  But my recent trip through the aisles reminded me how much we live out of habit.  We tend to live our lives through monotonous routines and checklists.  Yes we all need to go to the grocery store, but to be so frantically in a hurry rushing from one thing to the next not even taking time to smile at the small stuff.  This is so dangerous, as life could pass us by before we know it.  I know I’m very guilty of this.  I often say to my husband, “I don’t have the time or money to do everything I want, but I can’t turn off my creativity and my mind!”

There are some weekends I feel accomplished, on my check list, and look back and think, I should have done more with Anya!  While it’s nice to have a kept home or a checked off list, it’s even better to think your child OR you have lived a happy fulfilled life.  Now don’t get me wrong, checklists are a great way to keep your life organized, but if that checklist IS your life, then you need to check yourself.

Here’s the big lesson, turn off the noise of life.  Don’t rush through things out of habit, live with intent.  Would you rather be at the park with your child vs. cleaning the basement?  Then do that.  Drop whatever your habit is and do what you want and intend to do.  I see many more smiles in your future 🙂

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