Make Your List and Check it Twice

Santa Claus is coming to town, yikes!  Some how the holiday season always sneaks up on us, and I can recall about every October, maybe early November, getting requests for gift lists for the family.  In that moment I usually can’t think of anything good, or really anything WE NEED.  But here is a quick tip I’ve started to use.  Amazon Wish Lists!

Throughout the year as you think of items you or your family members want or need, add them to an Amazon Wish List.  You can have one for each family member.  Best part, you can add items from other websites, not just Amazon.  Even better when you send out the wish list you don’t have to worry about receiving duplicate gifts.  That’s right folks, no trips to the mall December 26th.  When someone purchases an item it’s removed from the list OR if you don’t want the surprise spoiled, you can select an option to have all gifts remain on the list.  When someone goes to purchase an already purchased gift, they’ll be notified.

I also use the wish list for a reminder of items we need to purchase but need to save for first, but what’s great, someone might buy it for you as a gift before you get around to it. Planning, organizing, saving, winning!


One thought on “Make Your List and Check it Twice

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