Fall House Tour

I love fall!  Cool crisp air, football, marching band, orchards, pumpkin & spice, apple cider donuts, sweater weather, boots, Halloween!  Okay so I could go on forever.

I love the warm colors of the season and how it makes my home feel even more cozy, that’s why I dig out my decorations early to mid-September every year to maximize the season before we move into Christmas mode. I had so many ideas this year, but not much time and money, but hey that’s okay. Once Anya is a bit older we can craft and decorate together vs. me racing against the nap-time clock.  Enjoy!

Front Porch/Yard

This is still a project in works as I have not yet purchased chrysanthemums or flipped our garden from summer to fall (weather is still a bit warm).  But I have added a few items to get started. Our mailbox gets dressed through the holidays with seasonally appropriate garland.

Fall Mailbox

Blackboards are all the rage, and I have been using one on my porch, drawing a different message for each season and/or holiday.  Tip, use liquid chalk markers.  These markers make your message more vibrant and noticeable from a distance, not to mention it is much easier to draw detailed and precise messages with them vs. regular chalk. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration if you are stumped, that’s where I got the idea for the gem below. Not great at drawing?  Get Stencils! (ignore the hose in the picture forgot to remove that, oops!).  I’ve been using my fake pumpkin from the Christmas Tree Shops for about 5 years now.  Why fake and not real?  I pay the price once and can use year after year, unlike real pumpkins that you need to buy every year.  Sure I still love to get real pumpkins, but for years I can’t afford it or don’t have time for it, i’m guaranteed to have at least one on my porch that won’t wilt or be damaged on mischief night.


Dining Room

Notice the chalk art project I tried from My Sister’s Suitcase Blog, best idea ever!  I will be making one for each season to live on that wall!


Cake stands aren’t just for cakes! This vintage white milk glass cake stand has been in my family for years.  It’s perfect for my dining room centerpiece elevating some spooktacular decor.  A few loose leaves from garland takes up the empty space and adds a touch of fall.


My vintage bird-cage no longer houses summer bird eggs, but rather my Lori Mitchell Mummy, placed right in the bird’s nest of course. His pea pod counterpart is close by.

P1130896P1130899 P1130901


Some simple garland added to my gallery wall gives my foyer a Fall feel.  Tip, garland can be long and/or bulky and not the right fit for your space, cut it.  Nothing says it has to stay all together.  Best part, you can spread the wealth around the house instead of investing it all in one space.


I replaced one of the frames with my Lori Mitchell witch, added Fall flair.P1130886

A new addition to the foyer, a larger cedar chest.  Another family piece, the small chest that was once in the foyer has moved to our living room to house all of Anya’s toys. This new cedar chest stores bulky winter coats that we tend to wear only when we are out in the snow, extra blankets, and other junk. Yes I said junk, I love everything to have a home, but some things just don’t fit elsewhere, it’s like Monica’s mystery closet on Friends (episode 14 on Season 8 of Friends).  Most of the junk consists of our laptop bags, diaper bag, things that need to be returned to friends or family, or items from current ongoing craft projects.  And yes it all fits!  The chest is a bit worn, but I love the lived in antique look.


Living Room


Another Lori Mitchell trick or treater.


My fireplace wreath always dons a starfish and sand dollar, some of our self discovered sea treasures. I’ll add a touch of any season or holiday with some garland.


The foyer chest turned toy chest.  It also doubles as extra seating during parties.  Note the blanket on Roxy’s bed, some of the Fall preview days left her chilled.


Garland added to our cabinet beneath the TV.  Houses all our DVDs and yes some VHS tapes.


Florida Room

Jelly cabinet update.  I’ve been trying to accent my kitchen area with some blue and green, so I decided I’d add some color to the back of my jelly cabinet.  This was so easy!  I bought some fun scrapbook paper, measured the cabinet space, and cut/taped together the paper as necessary.




A few pieces of tape later and I have added more color to the corner of our sun-room off our kitchen.

P1130811 P1130823 P1130863









P1130871 P1130876

Although I love the intricate centerpieces that extend the entire center length of a table, it’s not the most practical in my house.  I can’t imagine removing each piece when I needed the full table!  This vintage toolbox is easy to remove from the table when needed, just pick up and move and pick up and place back when finished.

P1130911 P1130912

I love Bath & Body Works Fall candles!  I love their candles in general.  Among my favorites are: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sweater Weather, Flannel, Tailgate, Fireside Marshmallow and Mahogany Teakwood. BBW’s candles are one of the few candle brands I know to truly fill your house with the fragrance.  Plus they look great and burn nicely!


Happy Fall!

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