First Birthday Party Sneak Peek

The planning for Anya’s 1st Birthday Party started this past summer, but we are in full gear now.  The biggest challenge was creating the guest list!  This might actually be harder than creating a wedding guest list.  We are very blessed to have a large loving extended family and even though I’m an only child I have an incredible group of close friends, many with kids that are great friends for Anya.  Add to that a neighborhood full of awesome neighbors with lots of playmates, how do you decide who to invite?!  I do believe Chad and I mulled over this for a month, if we invited everyone we’d like to attend it would be like our wedding all over again, just seemed like overkill for a party where the guest of honor won’t even remember it.

After considering our budget, our venue (our home), and how overwhelming it might be for Anya, we decided to keep the list to Anya’s immediate family members and close friends.

Aside from the guest list, the Little Monsters Birthday Bash has been a lot of fun to plan.  Having a Birthday around Halloween has endless possibilities.  Monsters, Fall Sweets, Halloween Costumes! Here’s a sneak peek.


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