Organizing the Basement Part Two – Baby Clutter

My first step to tackling our basement clutter was to wrangle all outgrown baby clothing and supplies. Anya grew so fast I couldn’t keep up with storing it all properly!  I gathered all bags and boxes from the basement, and any stragglers from upstairs in our office (the “on deck” location for storage items).


The plan was to store everything by age, so I created three areas to stage all the clothing: Age/size, Gender Specific, Gender Neutral.  This will make it easy to find what I need for any future little Heffners or hand me downs.  I thought I had a good amount of gender neutral clothing, but in this moment I realized all my gender neutral colors had bows on them!  Girls don’t have to be frills all the time, why is it so hard to find gender neutral clothing?  I digress…

P1130775 P1130770 P1130768 P1130766

I went through the pile and folded everything nicely.


I was now ready to start storing!  Two things I used for this.  Sterlite storage containers that I purchased on sale via Amazon and baby gift bags.  Yes baby gift bags!  Remember receiving hundreds of them for your baby shower?  Instead of recycling all of them, I’ve re-purposed them.  Baby clothing is small, to keep my storage containers tidy I place clothing in the bags and then the bags in the containers.  It’s like a free drawer organizer!  I even labeled them for quick reference.

P1130788 P1130789 P1130795 P1130796

Once the container was filled I labeled the lid, one long side, and one short side of the container. That way when it’s stored I can take a look at the label from various angles.  The label listed the age/size and I also included a label with more detailed information if it contained more than clothing.




Repeat this process until everything is packed away, then stack and store!




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