Organizing the Basement Part One – The Plan

The Basement is an area in our house that I’d like to think of as a mythological land that doesn’t exist, mostly because it’s the one spot in our home that is an unorganized mess.  Currently our basement is unfinished and the landing zone for all things that have no home.  We will eventually make it a finished basement, which means all clutter needs a home stat.  Somewhere amidst our move and having a baby, we started taking boxes to the basement to deal with later.  This was a BIG mistake because it has become one BIG messy project.  I’m an advocate for doing things right the first time, and being a control freak, I was well aware that we were violating this rule, but there are only 24 hours in a day!  All I could do is sit back and watch the basement spiral out of control.


Now, I would love to be able to tackle the cleanup in one weekend and purchase all matching storage from the Container Store.  Realistically, I can’t do either, but here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be done that way.  The Container Store is Mecca for control freaks, but it’s not always feasible, so I’m taking on the basement on a budget, one step at a time.

First step, make a plan!  All items in the basement need to be organized into one of the categories below, designate a station in the basement for each category:

  1. Storage that will remain in the unfinished portion once the basement is finished (decorations, seasonal clothing, baby items Anya has grown out of, extra kitchen supplies, etc.)
  2. Garage storage (fall organizing project)
  3. Consign it
  4. Donate it
  5. Trash it

Now dig in and start to sort!

Stay tuned for Part Two – Baby Clothing and Supplies Storage



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