Be Grateful

epicurus quote

I had a reality check today that reminded me to be grateful for the life I live.  This morning Anya had a doctor’s appointment at the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, don’t worry she’s fine!  The doctor we were visiting for the first time was located next to the Oncology department and just past the Neurology unit. As we passed through, I couldn’t help but notice the young children who were obviously sick with very serious illnesses and disorders.  It broke my heart to see young spirits going through such struggles, and even more so, looking at the parents I couldn’t fathom the stress and burden that they are carrying. God bless those families, doctors, and nurses. They are true warriors and heroes!

This post wasn’t intended to put a damper on this already humid Friday, but more so a reminder that we can get a bit too comfy in our lives and routines forgetting to take a moment to be truly thankful for what we have. We need moments like this to give us a kick in the pants and say wake up and smell the coffee! We all tend to get lost in this busy, often materialistic, world trying to keep up with the Joneses, never being satisfied with what we have.  Now this doesn’t mean you can’t keep striving for dreams and goals, but it does mean you should take a good look at your life and realize all the positive things you DO have and what really makes you happy. You’ll probably realize you are too blessed to be stressed.

So as we head into the weekend – don’t worry, be happy, be grateful, be nice, pay it forward and MAKE the best of everything!


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