$5 Chalk Art

My head has been spinning today with creative ideas for the house, Control Freak problems…

I was scanning Pinterest for inspiration on a DIY ornate framed chalkboard and gallery wall and came across this gem.  My Sister’s Suitcase Blog, which has a ton of great ideas, that shared a really cheap project for holiday decor, something for every season really.  $5 Chalk Art files that can be downloaded from The Caravan Shoppe (and in turn printed at your local office supply store).  The best part, My Sister’s Suitcase outlines a DIY project for hanging these gems in a nice shabby chic style, which I adore!  I’m definitely trying this!  I’ve had an empty space on my dining room wall that I haven’t quite found the right piece for, and this is perfect.  Can’t wait to try it for Halloween.

On a side note, seemingly all the decor I really love in my house has been found when I wasn’t looking for it.  On the flip side when I am looking for something specific I can never find it!  Funny how that works:)  Perhaps I should stop looking and the items will find me.

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