Keep Calm and Hang On

Keep Calm Hang On

My inner creative control freak is on a rampage today!  Every where I turn in my house I get anxiety, that room needs organized, that room needs decorated, I want to do this, and I have ideas to do that!  Mama said they’d be days like this, but good grief Amy, get a grip!  There are definitely times when my inner control freak kicks into overdrive and I have to tell myself, one step at a time (let alone one dollar at a time).

Laundry Room Before

But there is one room, in particular, that has been driving me especially bonkers!  It’s not even a room, but it is one of the most frequented places in our home.  The laundry room.  It’s compact and serves its purpose. but I’m tired of trying to reach so high for the cleaner on the shelf, and I’m sick of the dryer door ramming into the steamer and laundry basket.  Not to mention the multiple cleaners that live on the shelf that haven’t been used in several years that have probably turned nuclear.  And the dang ironing board hidden behind the door that inhibits you from fully entering the room.  The time has come to sort out the laundry…room.

I imagine this to be a pretty easy and inexpensive task, it needs to be.  I’ve started to collect my ideas on Pinterest.  Let’s hope this is a quick and dirty project.

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