Spreading the Wealth recap

It’s been a little over two months since I blogged about spreading the wealth, you know living your life on a schedule.  The whole intention was to cram in as much as we can during the week so the weekend is free to frolic.  Wishful thinking huh?  Well I’m here to report that it has gone fairly well.

Making our meal plan two weeks out has been great.  We aren’t scrambling to figure out meals nightly and we are using all the groceries we purchase (the grocery list is based on the meal plan so no waste and no loss of money!).  Our cleaning routine has been manageable too.  Of course there are nights or days when you have to wear your single parent hat, and the schedule goes a-rye, but you are in full on Bear Grylls survival mode, so hall pass granted!

The one area we have dropped the ball on, waking up early to work out.  Sleep seems to trump all, and even though we may be awake early, thanks to Roxy not Anya, the motivation to get moving is not there.  Time to turn over a new leaf next week and stick to the plan.

It will also improve our morning routine, which has been a bit rocky lately, especially until the coffee kicks in.  If your morning routine is off, the whole day follows suit.  Time to get some discipline and make it happen!  Wish us luck.

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