Nursery Tour

When we found out we were expecting, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the nursery.  Some women dream of this day and have it all planned out prior to it happening (just like they do for their wedding).  I was not this type of woman in either case.  One thing I did know, I didn’t want a theme, coincidentally the same went for my wedding.  Do I sense a pattern here?

Any who… I didn’t want characters and I didn’t want it to look really “babyish.” Sounds strange for a nursery huh? We weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby until our gender reveal baby shower, just weeks before the due date, so the design needed to be neutral.  As the months passed and my baby bump grew, I needed to come up with a plan, luckily inspiration hit at an unexpected time.  My mom and I were shopping and came across a really cute picture with great colors.  Enough colors to remain gender neutral and even better, it had a nautical/beach feel which is so me!  And so the nursery was born.

Nursery Inspiration Photo

Every nursery decision moving forward was based on of this image.  Once we knew it was a girl, we added more specific touches that were obviously more female than male.  Take a tour of our neutral nautical nursery, created on a budget!

Anya Nursery


Yes this is a hacked Pinterest idea.  Rain gutter library!  The corner behind Anya’s closet door seemed like a black hole of space.  We quickly filled it up with three plastic rain gutter shelves holding her books and some stuffed animals.  Currently we are working on adding more shelves.  The Thirty One Bag that lives at the foot of my childhood rocking horse houses the overflow books and adds a nice punch of color to the corner.
Nursery Reading Corner

Thirty One Bag Nursery Books


The infamous DIY dresser has provided just enough space to hold Anya’s clothing.  Learn how we DIO (did it ourselves)

Finished Ombre Dresser

Topping the dresser:

  • Lamp –  hand me down from family
  • iPod light up dock (great for lullabies and night-light) – Amazon
  • Piggy bank – gift thanks Queen B!
  • Apothecary jar housing pacifiers (keeps them organized and serves as a colorful display) – already owned
  • Island picture – a previous purchase from St. Lucia on our honeymoon (never found a home for it until now!)
  • Seahorse and mermaid images – purchased on Etsy
  • Frames – purchased at the Christmas Tree Shops
  • Silver cup (needs polished again) – mine from childhood
  • Small turtle – gift, thanks Allison and John!
  • Dresser runner – $1.00 from an antique shop



The white antique rocking chair has been in our family for…uhh…I don’t know how many years.  It was black and we easily painted it to match the nursery thanks to our handy-dandy rental paint sprayer.

  • Rocking chair – free!  with a few expenses to paint
  • Homemade blanket (perfect match) – gift, thanks Noelle!
  • Coral pillow – purchased at HomeGoods
  • Foot-stool, that now holds our books – family hand me down
  • Curtain – gift from Pottery Barn, thanks Nonna!

Love me some Shel Silverstein!



  • Hand and foot print frame – gift, thanks Sandy!
  • Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – handmade gift, thanks Nonna!
  • Quote frame – DIY by muah.  I took one of my favorite quotes and created a design I liked in Microsoft Word, printed it and placed it in a Christmas Tree Shop frame I already owned.
  • Toy Basket – this basket held one of our baby shower gifts, loved the basket and ribbon so much that we re-purposed it as a home for Anya’s stuffed critters.




  • The picture that started it all is hung with care above the crib – gift from Nonna purchased at the Candle Barn at Kitchen Kettle Village
  • Crib sheets, skirt, laundry basket, (and also at one time a bumper until Anya became a gymnast) are from Pottery Barn – gift from Nonna!
  • The monster that lives under the bed – that’s just our dog Roxy, she’s been playing security since Anya was born so we decided to make the space more comfy for her, by placing her bed under the crib.





Monster under the crib



  • Changing table – purchased on
  • Quilt – hand-made gift, thanks Betsy!
  • Shelf – hand me down from Nonna
  • Pictures – gifts, thanks Katie, thanks Kristin!
  • Chevron canvas baskets – Pottery Barn
  • Rug – purchased at HomeGoods


  • Pictures of Chad and I as babies.  These are from our gender reveal baby shower, guests had to wear their “guess.”
  • Block including all the stats of Anya’s birth date – great gift from our neighbors, thanks Sara and Steve!









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