CF Tip: Beware of the iVortex and Organize Time to Disconnect

P1130195If you would have told me 15 years ago that we’d have smart phones and Facebook I’d call you crazy. But that doesn’t even get close to the technology we have at our fingertips today, let alone what the future holds.

It’s so easy to be connected but totally disconnected at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if it was a healthier happier time without all our fancy devices, but with that said, they do have many benefits in advancing and improving our lives. You just have to know when to step away from the phone, iPad, Kindle, the dreaded iVortex.

Organize time into your schedule to disconnect from your devices and connect to your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself! In my house we have instituted a no device rule from 5 PM –  8 PM. That’s family time. Of course we will take important calls, but our phones and other devices aren’t on our bodies. They live at the charging station in the kitchen so we aren’t tempted by the bajillion alerts that pop up on the shiny hi-def screens.  We have each others full attention and our devices get charged, win-win!

In general, phones are a no-no on our family excursions/events. Yes, they will be with us and can serve other great purposes such as a camera, GPS, pedometer, etc., but we are consciously uncoupling from our devices and not perusing the Twitter feeds during quality time.

Focus on being in the present and in each other’s company, not the cyber iVortex. Say no to your devices from time to time, create a technology void and fill it with whatever makes you happy (but nothing battery operated).  I bet your relationships, productivity, and quality of life improve?  Challenge accepted!

2 thoughts on “CF Tip: Beware of the iVortex and Organize Time to Disconnect

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