CF 2014 Summer Project: Foyer Gallery Wall

Some tasks tend to loiter my to-do list.  One in particular is a Control Freak 2014 Summer Project that has been on my list since this winter, my foyer gallery wall.  I’ve had photo prints (that now seem outdated) and frames sitting in my office begging to be hung.  I finally bit the bullet and got it done.

Foyer Gallery Wall Before 1Foyer Gallery Wall Before 2I spent a  lot of time speculating how to decorate my foyer wall, being that it is open to the second floor. There was so much open space that if I did something too small it would look lost and if I did too much, well it would just clutter my entry way.

Not too long after we moved in I found a great landscape mirror at a consignment shop and felt it would fit perfectly on my foyer wall.  It was a nice start, but after walking past it day in and day out I discovered that I felt the wall was still too empty.  Foyer Gallery Wall Before 3

Since the mirror has a nice shelf on the top portion, I started by adding pictures to it.  Still, it didn’t look balanced to me.  I was hesitant to turn it into a gallery wall because I already had one upstairs that is clearly visible from the foyer. Would it be picture overkill?

Then I got to thinking.  What’s most important in life?  The people you have in your life and the experiences you have.  So why be hesitant about surrounding myself with those I love and celebrate them and the memories we’ve created.  Having a lot of pictures might not work for everyone, but not everyone lives in my house either.  Lesson learned, do what makes you happy!  After I got past that hurdle I decided to build the gallery wall using a little trick I’ve seen on a lot of DIY sites and shows.

1. I measured the wall area that I wanted the gallery to cover.

2. I pulled out some old wrapping paper to use as my faux wall canvas, measuring and cutting it to the size of the wall area I will be covering.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 2Foyer Gallery Wall Project 1









3. Time to play, I began moving my frames around until I found the desired layout.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 3









4. I traced the outside of each frame and made sure to make a dot where I would need to place the nail.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 4

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 6









5. I hung the wrapping paper with tape onto the foyer wall and started to add nails in the correctly marked positions.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 5









6. Time to hang! After hanging the pictures I gently tugged the wrapping paper down.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 7









7. Finished!  I did have a casualty, one picture frame fell, but I was able to make a quick fix and there is still room for growth!  I even added a few items to the shelf to take up empty space and create balance.  My supervisor approved.

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 8

Foyer Gallery Wall Project 9











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