Down and Dirty with Fitness

Getting motivated to work out is not so tough, but staying motivated, well that’s another story.  I’ve found the best way to stick with it is to be accountable to someone.  Working out with a partner or a group of people is a huge help.  I think, in my control freak mind, I feel that I’m not only letting myself down if I skip a workout, but my partner/team too!  So in efforts to “stay” motivated and get my post baby body back in shape, I organized myself a team to stay on track.

AC LadiesIt all came together by accident, to be honest, but hey, didn’t I say inspiration comes when you least expect it?  I’m very fortunate to live in a neighborhood with lots of lovely ladies, and while casually discussing races at our April book club, we decided we should create a team and do one!  The next day I checked in to make sure it wasn’t the wine talking, and shared a list of race options with the interested ladies.  After we synced up our calendars we decided on the Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race, July 27.  Now I’m no stranger to obstacle course races.  I’ve completed a Tough Mudder and Spartan Sprint, but that was pre-baby, so I was definitely skeptical about signing up for another one so soon.  Mud PitBut it has been great!  Organizing time to workout is possible.  Here are a few things I’ve done to squeeze in work outs on my already busy schedule:

  1. Workout before work
    This is tough, and you have to be an early bird, but it is possible and it feels awesome when you do it.  You’ll feel accomplished to have your workout done for the day, plus the exercise will boost your energy giving you extra pep in your step.
  2. Workout after the kids go to bed
    As a new mom the last thing I wanted to do was sacrifice time with my little one to workout, after all, as a working mom I get so few hours in a day with her as it is, but once she goes to bed there is still time to squeeze it in.  I met some members of my team at our community gym for some P90x workouts after our kids were in bed.  This was great having someone to meet, made me go to the gym vs. going to my couch to watch trash TV.
  3. Weekly group run
    Every Saturday AM the girls on our team would go for a run, including people who aren’t on the team.  This held me accountable to show up, plus running with a group provides a nice distraction from…well…running.
  4. Push yourself
    In general working out with a partner or group makes you push yourself.  It definitely gave me a reason not to slack, whether that is competitiveness or just not wanting to be embarrassed, it made me reach a higher level that I wouldn’t have achieved alone.
  5. Any time is better than no time
    I used to be discouraged to workout if I couldn’t fit in a full hour, silly right?  Any amount of time you can spend working out is better than none.  That’s right, I found the P90x3 workouts to be a great fit for my current lifestyle.  Thirty minutes and done!  But there are days where 30 minutes is even too much.  In that case I’ll take a walk around the block with Roxy and Anya, go for a run during lunch at work, or simply do some squats and calf raises while I’m doing my hair in the AM.  It’s not much but it’s something.  And if you do all three of them in a day then you have a full hour in, that still counts!

AC RaceThree months later of organizing a team and time to workout, I’m in much better shape, I might even sport a bikini on vacation!  And in the end regardless of the race results I’m looking forward to the experience, at the very least we will have lots of laughs!  And I just read where laughing burns calories.  Win Win!

Watch out Down & Dirty, the Applecross Housewives are coming this Sunday!

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