Emptying Your Dishwasher Faster

Emptying the dishwasher is one of those monotonous tasks I’d rather not do.  It’s right up there with grocery shopping and putting away laundry.  And with our latest addition it seems like we are riding the dishwasher pretty hard these days.  Tadpole 116

The worst part is when you’ve gotten close to putting away all the dishes and you realize you still have the dreaded utensils to put away.  You know, that tangled mess of metal where you have to separate every single piece of your serving ware!  Who has time for that!

Dishwasher UtensilsI’ve put an end to it in our house, it may not be earth shattering advice, but hey we are all busy so every second we can save counts.  The time saver comes pre-wash.  Instead of just haphazardly throwing your utensils into any random slot of the dishwasher, put like items together (organizing 101).  Put all the forks in one slot, all spoons in another, and so forth.

Utensil DividerThen when it comes time to empty the dishwasher you can reach in and grab the collective cluster of forks and place them in your utensil divider with ease.  And since you are a control freak you will of course have a utensil divider in your drawer 🙂  Easy peasy!

2 thoughts on “Emptying Your Dishwasher Faster

  1. I’ve tried this, unfortunately other members of my household don’t seem to agree on the method. 🙂 They claim, utensils won’t be as clean….

  2. This could be true, if you have a lot in one compartment, but easy fix is to put some of the utensils upside down. This way they don’t “spoon” each other leaving space to get clean 🙂

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