Organizing Time to Workout

Go for a run, walk Roxy, put Anya down for a nap.  I wanted to get all three things done in a fairly short period of time and without Chad at home it seemed like it might not happen.

My to do list and wish list are in an ongoing conflict with reality and time, so I have to get creative to get everything done before I lose motivation (or time)! #Don’tStopMoving #1RuleParenting.

Roxy RunWhile working out may seem like the thing to drop, I don’t want that to become a bad/consistent habit.  So I decided to kill three birds with one stone.  Although the weather was drizzly I pulled Anya out of her crib (she had just started to nap), leashed up Roxy, got my sneakers on, and went running!  A little drizzle wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Now mind you Roxy is not a running dog, she’s all six pounds of ferocious yorkie and an old lady to boot.  She’s 10!  Hard to believe my pup is that old.  Since she can’t keep up she becomes a low rider.

Roxy Run up closeYes that’s right take a closer look, Roxy rides under the stroller during the heart of my run.  So the old lady doesn’t lose her stride, I take a longer path so that she gets to walk with me on my cool down home.  Anya, well she rides up top. Not only does she get a brief snooze but some nice fresh air and a scenic route to explore (Thank you to all the running paths close to our home!).

Anya RunSo in 32 minutes I accomplished everything I needed to:

  • 2.25 mile run, check!
  • .5 mile Roxy walk, check!
  • Anya snooze and fresh air, check! check!

If I did each of these individually, well that would have sucked about 2.5 hours out of my day.  Can’t have that!  Get creative, get efficient, get a workout in!

Happy 4th!

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