CF Tip: Inspiration Can’t Be Planned

When starting a new endeavor you can’t always see the forest for the trees.  Especially when starting something from scratch.  Since we learn something new every day, whether you want to believe that or not, you never know when something will inspire you.  That inspiration may cause you to evolve your forest.  Remember some wise person once spoke of learning to adapt?  So where am I going with this?

As a control freak, I always want to think and plan ahead, but inspiration can’t be planned.  Coming to terms with this was half the battle for an organizational goddess, but once we compromised life became a lot more balanced and fun.

I’ve had many people ask where I get my organization and decorating ideas, but there is no one answer because inspiration comes from everywhere, and usually when I’m not looking for it.  Just like love, it will find you when you least expect it.

All my ideas and projects typically revolve around a single item.  Whether it’s a towel, a paint color, or even a picture, a room or project is conceived from that individual item.  While there isn’t a solid 12-step program to accomplish this, there is a simple fluid process for how this typically comes together (for me):

  1. Determine Projects
    Create a list of projects on your to do list that you’d like to complete.  Not only do I keep these projects on paper, but I also compartmentalize them on my mental back burner.  Check out my summer projects.
  2. Inspiration on Purpose
    There are ways you can seek inspiration on purpose, whether you know exactly what you want or whether you’re completely in the dark.  Below are some ways I seek inspiration on purpose.
    IMG_2557Decorating and Organization Magazines: I personally like Country Living, Real Simple, and HGTV as they provide ideas that suit my rustic/shabby chic/country-style.  Find a magazine that matches your style and personality and if you aren’t sure of that, purchase a variety.  Clip any images/pages you love and save them in a binder, even if they aren’t relevant to your current project, you may want them as a point of reference for a future endeavor.  I do this with all magazines, always.
    Pinterest BoardPinterest: You can scour boards for hours!  Whether your search is broad (Master Bathroom) or über specific (Teal Modern Bathroom), you’re guaranteed to get plenty of ideas.  Even better, you can create virtual idea boards to save and organize your inspiration for current and future projects.  Have a few pins you are in love with?  Scroll down, Pinterest will show you similar pins that may help complement or refine your favorite inspirations.  Follow me on Pinterest.


3. Inspiration by Accident
IMG_2559Shopping: The great thing about having your projects in the back of your mind, is that when you see something inspiring it will automatically click and the light bulb will turn on!  This happens to me frequently when I’m shopping for other items whether it be physically in a store or online.  The orange and cream-colored towels are the inspiration for my master bathroom.  I came across them by accident when I was shopping on for a wedding registry.  They were featured in a bathroom design and I loved them!  I purchased them before I could see the big picture on my master bathroom, but thank goodness I took that step, as the project is now coming to life.  Stay tuned as I document this in my summer projects. (Please note, keeping receipts is key to collecting inspirational items, in case you change your mind you can always return them)
IMG_2550Browsing: The sister to shopping.  I have a few hot spots I hit up for my decorating needs that include local consignment and antique shops as well as the infamous HomeGoods.  IMG_2540I’ll visit these locations from time to time without any specific MO, and that has really paid off as I’ve discovered pieces that have inspired entire rooms. I found my long foyer mirror (left) at a local consignment shop for a great deal.  The grey and light blue paisley towel (right) was a discovery at HomeGoods on one of my browsing excursions. This has inspired the look and feel of my half bathroom.

4. Inspire to Add-OnIMG_2546
Once the ball is rolling, your inspiration will continue to expand and your project will take form!

I continued to collect pieces for my half bathroom as I found them.  Some of them I even had in my own home unused!

Once you find your inspiration you won’t have a problem completing your project, but keep in mind that even once you’ve finished you might be inspired to make some edits.  And this is just fine!  Control freaks work is never done as you’re constantly asking yourself, “How can I make this better?”  As long as that doesn’t take complete control of your life, then you are in the clear and well on your way to becoming a self-made organizational goddess (or god).

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