CF 2014 Summer Projects

4th of JulyIt’s just a few days from July 4th which means vacations, picnics, fireworks, and usually the four-alarm warning that summer is half way over!  For whatever reason people start to get the sweats when July 4th hits, not because of the hot weather, but the panic that summer is going by too quickly.  But the summer has just begun, so grab your pink lemonade and cool down.  There is plenty of time for summer fun and summer projects!

I’ll be documenting my summer projects and how they come to fruition in design.  With an 8 month old on the move, it makes it more difficult to get through these projects quickly, so lets hope the list below is done by labor day.  Let the handy work and decorating begin!

  1. Paint and decorate the half bathroom
  2. Paint and decorate the master bathroom
  3. Paint and decorate the guest bathroom
  4. Finalize nursery decorations
  5. Two-story foyer gallery wall

2 thoughts on “CF 2014 Summer Projects

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