CF Tip: Be Yourself

Be Yourself Tip of WeekThis seems like a no brainer, but from time to time I think we all need to be reminded that  we don’t have to be doing what everyone else is doing.  Yes, long after the high school cliques, peer pressure still exists to fit in.

A true control freak is unique and not afraid to be different, after all trends aren’t set by following the crowd.  When you start your next organizational or decorating project be bold and go with your instinct, even if it is an outside of the box idea (again coming from the lady with a real branch hanging in her kitchen).  Everyone has different tastes and style, so stick to yours instead of trying to fit into someone else’s shoes.  People will appreciate you more for being the real you instead of faking to be someone else!

When you have passion for something, it shows!  Be Yourself Tip of Week (2)When you are confident in your delivery, it’s believable!  When you are true to yourself, it’s authentic!  All of that adds up to a sure success.

And for those of you who think no one is watching, they are!  There is always someone, both young and old, who looks up to you.  Don’t disappoint them by trying to be someone else, because they want to be just like you!  So do yourself, and them, a favor; continue to be inspiring by being PROUD to be you.



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