CF Tip: Avoid the Enemy, PERFECTION

enemy of completionPerfection is every control freaks worst nightmare.  It is absolutely the enemy of completion.  If we waited until everyone didn’t find fault with something, well, nothing would get done!

We were all taught from an early age that there is no such thing as perfection, and while some people might think this was just a way to keep things fair amongst kids, it’s true.  Just think how boring life would be if you obtained perfection?  You’d be done with everything, no room for growth, yuck!

So let’s change this up control freaks, let’s always STRIVE  for perfection instead.  How does that old adage go, reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll be among the stars, that’s close enough for you to get the picture.  Control freaks, on your next project don’t focus so much on being perfect, just be real, stay on track, make mistakes, learn and grow from them, and realize that there is much more beauty and interest in the imperfection.  Challenge accepted!

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