CF DIY Project: Branching Out

I tend to come up with some creative or otherwise wacky ideas that are a huge success or a HUGE that didn’t work (yes no failures just a sometimes you win sometimes you learn idea).  Time to start sharing this outside of the box ideas.

Outside of the Box Ideas: #1 Branch Out

table vineWhen we moved into our house in 2013 I knew I wanted a large farm table made of reclaimed barn wood.  So we found it and it is a perfect fit for my rustic country-style and I just love that the wood it is composed of has history beyond our home.  When we finally got the table in our home I knew it needed some type of special fixture hanging above it.  The store we purchased it from had some plant like vine hanging from above it that looked very cool, but where was I going to find that?  Well in typical Amy fashion I found it when I wasn’t looking for it…

My husband and I were enjoying the walking trail at our new home, as much as any sevenchad branch month pregnant woman can, when I spotted a long tree branch on the ground.  I stopped in my tracks, fearing my husband that I was in early labor, only to say, “That would be perfect above the table.”  I’m sure he thought I was slightly crazy, but hey you don’t mess with a pregnant woman and her hormones, so he so kindly picked up the large branch and carried it through our new neighborhood as our new neighbors looked on like we were definitely crazy.

IMG_2347Two eye screws and some fishing line later it was our new branch chandelier.  This is now a permanent fixture in our home, decorated accordingly to match the season or holiday.  While some may think this is wacky, in my eyes it was a huge success and it was free!

Wish I could get a better photo of it, but it’s a tough to get the right lighting to give it full justice .


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