The Spring Cleaning You Forgot

The dreaded task of spring cleaning.  I might be a few weeks late on this post, but with the abominable winter we have had I don’t think anyone was going to trade fresh air and sunshine for cleaning.  Spring cleaning is a no brainer, you clean the house from top to bottom, inside out, to rinse off the residue of winter doldrums, or if you have small children winter germs, yuck!  Now if you are a true control freak your house is already glowing so this won’t take much effort.  Besides the seemingly disinfecting nature of this glorious task, it’s also a great time to switch over to your warm weather wardrobe and clean out your clutter like you’re moving.  Yes, unload your junk!  We don’t hold on to it when we move into a new home so why are you holding on to it in your current home?  I digress…

Now I know you have the obvious spring cleaning tasks down, but what about those few things you didn’t think of doing?  I’m here to remind you of them or at least give you a few more tasks during Spring to get your life in order. Keep in mind some of these tasks should be done more than once a year, but adding them to your spring cleaning routine is a great start!

  1. Clean your garbage cans
    Yes this truly is a task.  Not only do garbage cans collect odor they collect tons of germs!  Here are some trash cleaning tips from Real Simple.
  2. Change/clean filters
    Your house has many filters that you may not be thinking of.  Now is a good time to clean them or replace them.  Here’s a few to start: Coffee Maker, Refrigerator Water Dispenser, Humidifier, HVAC System, Air Conditioner, Vacuum Cleaner, Household vents, etc.
  3. Picture Frames
    A tedious task, but you love the people captured in the photos, so don’t let them be overrun by dust bunnies!  Give them some tender love and care so they can see out that pretty glass window again.
  4. Expired Products
    I’m not just talking about what’s in your refrigerator.  Now’s a good time to go through your kitchen pantry, medicine cabinet, and toiletries.  They all have a shelf life for a good reason.  Most medications and toiletries have expiration dates on them, you might need a magnifying glass to read them, but they are there.  When in doubt toss anything that has changed in smell, color, or texture.  Here are some general guidelines from Real Simple on items that aren’t required to display expiration dates.
  5. Pillows
    Another breeding ground for germs.  Wash them or replace them.  If you can’t wash them try the “sanitize” function on your dryer.  Many of the newer dryers offer this capability.
  6. Toys
    If you have kids you have plenty of toys which also have plenty of germs.  Here are some tips from Fisher Price on how to adequately disinfect toys.
  7. Magazines and Newspapers
    Have magazines and newspapers from three plus months ago?  If you didn’t read them then, chances are you aren’t going to read them now, so get rid of that paper tower.  Rule of thumb, keep ONLY the three most recent issues.
  8. Cell Phone
    Think of all the places your cell phone touches!  Give it a nice swipe with a disinfecting wipe, that thing goes next to your mouth after all!
  9. Digital Housekeeping
    Do a digital dump. Clean up your computer desktop, clean out your email, rid yourself of unnecessary files, and for god sake if you aren’t doing this regularly back it up!
  10. Ladies and well I guess some gentleman, clean your makeup brushes!
    Spring isn’t the only time you should be doing this, more likely once a month, but the change of season is a great reminder to dust everything off including your eye shadow brush.  You don’t need fancy cleaner to do this, simple dove bar soap or even olive oil will do the trick. Not only will they get disinfected, but they’ll also get moisturized increasing their lifespan.  Your face and your wallet will thank you.  Here are a few DIY cleaning tips.

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