CF DIY Project: Infant Daycare Valentine’s on a Budget

I had almost forgotten that Valentine’s Day was approaching, perhaps it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the Hallmark holiday.  After the recent winter storm, upon our power returning, we returned to our home and Anya finally back to daycare after missing three days.  That’s when I discovered a letter about Valentine’s Day Sweetheart exchange in her locker.  It never dawned on me that she’d be exchanging Valentines as an infant, but so it begins…

IMG_2159With a few days to spare my control freak self got organized and creative.  Anya has fifteen classmates which means I needed something fairly cheap, we didn’t want to break the bank, but we don’t want to be the only ones not participating either.  So I headed to Target and was browsing through the baby section when I came across a 24 pack of “Lots of Links.”  PERFECT!  This is something they will actually use.  One pack wImageas $4.00 and some odd change, so I picked up two packs so every baby would get three links and was able to come up with the cute saying on the package pictured to the left.  Not bad for about $9.00 (60 cents a baby)!

And I couldn’t leave out the teachers who so graciously take care of Anya during the week.  Again thank you Target for your $1.00 section where I scored nice V-day bags.  I filled them with candy, mints, and chapstick and finished off with thenice saying.  It might not be a huge gift, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂

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