CF Tip: What do you actually wear?

Have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear? Sure we all make excuses for our closet clutter… we’re holding on to those navy shoes just in case, I’ll lose a few pounds so I can fit into those pants, but what if I need that tie-dye shirt for a Halloween costume? Stop the insanity! We make these statements and promises and then 5 years down the road we discover items that could be placed into a time capsule for historical reference of what fashion used to be, and perhaps should never be again!

Don’t clutter your closet, it’s hard enough to decide what you should wear on a daily basis without the clutter clouding your brain. Here is an easy quick tip to ditch the useless and outdated frocks that haunt your closet:

Hangers1. Take all the clothing hanging in your closet and reverse the hanger so the hook is facing out. Have folded items in there too? Reverse them as well so the tags of the clothing (or head/waist openings are facing out). Now reverse all your shoes so the heels are facing out. This is the starting point to your clean slate.
2. Every time you wear an item and go to put it back in the closet, reverse it. Have the hanger hook facing in, folded items/and tags facing in, and have your shoes toes facing out. This will easily display what you have and have not worn.
3. Now that you know how to easily identify what you are not wearing, choose a period of time to measure this. Perhaps you do it every season that you change over clothing in your closet, or every 6 months. If 6 months makes you sweat and is not enough time for you, push it to 1 year, but DO NOT push it past a year. This is where old habits will die-hard.
4. Once your chosen period of time passes, remove all items that have not been worn. If you haven’t worn the items within that year, I’m 99.9% sure you will not wear them ever again.

From here apply the easy 4 step process to cleaning out clutter to your unworn clothing. Trash It, Donate It, Sell It, or Keep It (in this case remove step 4 you aren’t keeping it!)

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