CF Tip: Don’t be Hector the Collector AKA a Shopping Hoarder!

Hector the Collector suffered from It’’
Hector the CollectorYes this is a type of clutter, a technical term that I have coined, *takes a bow.* I may not be a genius at coining technical terms, but just as crazy and cluttered as it looks, so is this type of clutter. Many of us have taken part in this, your eyes are bigger than your stomach, shopping habit. You are out shopping, see something unique or really nice and you just HAVE to buy it, but then you get it home and realize you have no use for it, it really doesn’t fit, you have ten just like it, or there is no place for it. What was I thinking! And most of the time you are too shameful to return it. These purchases range from furniture, decorations, clothing, gizmos and gadgets oh my!

People tend to be repeat offenders of It’’, and before you know it they are prime candidates for a feature on Hoarders. Avoid this pitfall and ask yourself these simple questions next time you are shopping for yourself or anyone else, it will save you clutter and more importantly money!
1. Why do I want it? Which will really answer do i need it?
2. Do I have a space, purpose, or place for it? If so: Where?
3. Will it get used more than once a year?
4. Am I turning into Hector the Collector?

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