What’s Going On

ImageI’ve had a lot of people ask lately, what’s going on with the organizing? Even WordPress sent me an email to say they’ve missed me, how nice…. So in the words of Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On?”

There’s a lot going on! For those of you who don’t know I had my first baby at the end of October (a few months after moving into a new house), my maternity leave ended last week and I’m back to work full time, meanwhile I’m choreographing a high school musical with 16 choreographed numbers, kicking up my workouts to lose the baby lbs., and trying to be super mom/wife to my daughter, dog, and husband. Basically I’m organizing my life to achieve balance and that is solely what I’ll be focusing on in February, getting back to business as usual.

I usually choose to go from zero to sixty but now that my daughter Anya is in my life I have learned to soak up those precious moments with her and let go of being Ms. Perfection the overachiever (important lesson for us control freaks). This new life has been a great discovery for more control freak tips which I’ll be sharing along the way. With that said here are my goals for February: Adjust to new life & schedule, Prep the night before for the next day ALWAYS, and Research competition and professional organizations in relation to becoming a Professional Organizer.

Ready Set Go!


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