How a Nut and a Pool Noodle saved my Bathroom Cabinets

The guest bathroom, essentially the kids bathroom, has a nice two step white wooden stool for the kid’s easy access to the sink. I never considered that the white stool would be knocking into the dark cabinets. I mean why would a toddler want to pick up a stool and move it?  Yes, genius I know.

So needless to say, the cabinet has a collection of white scratches that are very becoming. To prevent it from further destruction, as I’m sure Little Control Freak the 2nd will be more gentle with the stool than his sister, I used a pool noodle for some padding.


It was leftover in the garage from a previous cut job, for what I can’t remember, so I dug it back out and sliced and diced it to be placed on the back of the stool. Now the cabinets have a better chance of staying scratch free for a longer period of time.

Pool Noodle Stool

No more scratches. #poolnoodlesaremultipurpose

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But how to get off those white paint scratches? I thought magic erasers fixed everything, but of course not. Didn’t remove a speck. That’s when I remembered reading an article about nuts… walnuts or almonds that is. Rub them over scratches on wood and watch them fade away. What did I have to lose?


Amazingly, it worked. At least enough that you can barely see the markings (it’s actually a walnut they recommend but the almond worked). I used a stain marker to cover the piece of wood that was chipped and I have to say it looks pretty good.

My control freak OCD saved by a nut and a pool noodle!

Sunday Suppers – Taco Lime Shrimp Salad

Sunday Suppers


Another yummy Pinterest meal in the books

The kids needed more than the salad toppings as sides so I added the Watermelon and brown rice. We also had chicken nuggets as back-up to the shrimp (only had to use it for one child). Was very yummy, filling, and healthy! I did not try making the dressing, forgot to purchase cilantro, I’m sure it is really yummy. Instead I used Wegman’s Miso Ginger Vinaigrette.

Yum. Love this season and the meals it brings:)

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Wonder who didn’t like the shrimp…. Some days I think she is a vegetarian.  Enjoy!

Unintentional Blog Maternity Leave

Who knew that having baby #2 would be such a game changer. I mean, I wasn’t clueless, but when we were in the thick of it I felt pretty clueless.  Who am I kidding, we are still in the thick of it.

People say the move from 1 child to 2 is the hardest. While you recognize it will be difficult, you ask “how difficult can it be, we’ve done this before.” Yes, you are prepared to repeat the phases and stages, but you soon realize you aren’t prepared for what it is like to deal with kids in two different stages. Like, it’s normal for a 3-year-old to go through a Linda Blair phase. Even with all the ups and downs I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here are a few things I learned about moving from 1 to 2 (and I don’t know how you people have 3+)

1. Time is fleeting, no matter how much you plan ahead, you will need to give something up, like blogging… for almost a year. What can I say these two little control freaks come first.

#aceandanya ❤️

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2. If a baby sleeps through the night in the first few weeks, it doesn’t mean they will continue to do so…

3. A sleep regression that last months isthe best. Zzzzzzz!

4. No baby proofing for the first child means nailing everything to the ceiling for the second.

5. Did I mention time? Definitely your worst enemy.

6. Exercise to lose the baby weight doesn’t come easy (see 1 & 3).

7. Apparently cysts and surgery at 1 year is pretty typical.

8. Don’t blink, your baby will be 1


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9. The love between siblings is real

Great day with friends. #mylittlebunnies🐰

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10. The love/hate between siblings is also very real

Someone stole my toy #aceandanya

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11. Bed time is not relaxing…

#anyabean #stuck

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12. You could vacuum 24/7, crumbs are the latest accessory

13. You never realize how much you can juggle until you have to hold a squirming baby while assisting your novice potty trained child in a public bathroom.

14. You give up on germs…

15. Then everyone gets sick in chain reaction and you go back on #14

16. Watching Little Control Freak the 2nd light up when he sees Little Control Freak = priceless

17. 1:1 time with each of the kids is important, for everyone

18. 1:1 time with your partner is equally important

19. 1:1 time for yourself even more important

20. Do your best and forget the rest #justkeepswimming

Failure or Fantasy

I set out to be a DIYer, organization goddess, super working mom, and chose to chronicle it here in hopes of sharing win’s, losses, and lessons learned. Right now i’m not certain if i’m a complete failure or if it was a complete fantasy.

While it is easy to be disappointed in our lack of achievements, life is not about perfection. We tend to forget little things mean a lot. Thank you to the Huffington Post for the reminder.  This video is a gentle reminder of what’s important in life.

Do your best and forget the rest….Hope to blog you sooner than later.

Sunday Suppers: Brown Sugar Dijon Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Sunday Suppers

All I can say is yum! Another easy recipe for Pork Tenderloin

Sunday Suppers: Teriayki Chicken Casserole

Sunday Suppers

Anyone who knows me knows i’m not typically a fan of casseroles. But because they are so efficient for cooking and leftovers i’m branching out.  This Pinterest recipe is a win!

Sunday Suppers: Creamy Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Sunday Suppers

Okay so not the healthiest, but this is so tasty it’s hard to stick with portion control. YUM Pinspiration!

Sunday Suppers: Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Cream Cheese and Jalapenos

Sunday Suppers

Pork Tenderloin is a pretty inexpensive meat to purchase, here’s an out of the ordinary recipe that was easy and tasty.  Thanks Pinterest!

Sunday Suppers: One Pot Ham & Penne Skillet

Sunday Suppers

Great find on Pinterest. Easy and yummy!

*to make more kid friendly forget the red pepper flakes, Little Control Freak didn’t like that it was “spicy”

Sunday Suppers: Menu for a Week

Sunday Suppers


Our household does a great job of not wasting food. We eat our leftovers and very rarely have to toss food that didn’t get eaten before the expiration date. How do we do that? Our grocery list is comprised of weekly dinner ingredients with a few staples for lunch/snacks. Anytime we go rogue from that plan we waste food and spend a TON of money.  Save the Food, Save your Money!

For 2017 I’ve taken it up a notch by trying to create a weekly menu that reduces meal prep and clean-up time, because really life’s hard enough!  Who isn’t in favor of having more time with their family or more importantly more sleep! Whether you need an easy meal plan for a busy week (OR if that’s every week), here’s an example of ways to re-use ingredients to simplify dinner.

*disclaimer, not always the healthiest of options but they are homemade!

Monday: Leftovers

  • i.e. clean-out what is left in the fridge before we grocery shop Tuesday
  • Plan B: when we are low on leftovers we make breakfast for dinner
  • Plan C: reach to our more unhealthy freezer options (turkey meatballs or chicken nuggets w/fruit, veggie, edamame)

Tuesday: Takeout

Wednesday: Whole Grain Spaghetti, Turkey Meatballs, Side Salad

Thursday: Crock-pot Chicken BBQ Sliders

Friday: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap

  • Use the left-over BBQ chicken from Thursday

Saturday: Egg Burrito with Fruit Salad

  • Use the leftover wraps and shredded cheese from the week
  • Scrambled eggs, avocado, onion, tomato and shredded cheese in a tortilla
  • Homemade Fruit Salad can be created from the week’s fruit, ex: blueberries, sliced banana, and diced pear

Sunday: Homemade Turkey Reuben, aka The Rachel, with Fruit Salad

  • Use leftover fruit salad from Saturday
  • Just like making a tuna melt. Put deli turkey (or real turkey breast), Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing between two slices of bread. Warm in a skillet to your liking/desired toasting